Simply in Love :)

I'm not really good at expressing my feelings into words. I find it a little too hard to start. Well, this time I'm trying to share something more personal here. 
So there's this guy. He's cute, he's sweet, he's smart. He's someone I can talk to, he's someone I can trust.
Oh and guess what? He's probably reading this right now :)
We met in a very odd kind of way, it was just so out of hand, but i'm really glad that we met.
Yes, he's that one person that makes me feel special without even trying. He's stuck on me and my laughing eyes. Geez. He got me.

You know when you're trying to sleep, but you keep thinking of that someone. And then that smile creeps up on your face, and you realize you're simply in love. <3

Credits to Cindy Ozzie. Thank you for these amazing photos.


Peek A Boo !

I know it's been a while for me since the last time I updated my blog. I feel like my hours keep slipping away, and I've not always been good at managing my time. So then I decided to put "improve my time-management skill" as one of my new year resolution list.

Lace oh Lace, it seems like this delicate fabric is now anything but. 

It's spring-and-summer done right ; soft lace top paired with pastel green maxi skirt for day (call it makeunder).
Reinforce the laidback, urban feel with wedges and a satchel in neutral shades. I took it seaside with straw and wooden accessories as well.

Anyway, Happy Twenty Twelve everyone! So how was your holiday? Hope you all had a splendid one. :)
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