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Michelle Djajawisastra
"neither especially sweet, nor especially gifted"

I believe in the freedom of choice. I don’t believe that a person’s faith is decided by nature to be in a certain way, but a person’s faith is in a certain way because of the nature of their decisions. The meaning of this freedom is that no one is truly here to guide us and guarantee us to the right path. This can be a scary thought for some people, but I find it comforting. This way, I’m free to have my opinions, my perception. This way, I have control over my life.

I choose to live life in a happy way; I live it with a smile. With this being said, I’m not saying that I’m never sad or stressed. Conflicts and tragedies are inevitable but I choose to react to it in a positive manner. I often say, “After the rain, it comes the sunshine.” I’m conscious that there is no benefit in being stuck in conflicts or sadness and it’s best to overcome them. In our life goals, we should have one thing in common, to be happy. 

Sometimes, we forget how important is happiness to us. We are too occupied by the work itself to achieve that dream. As a result, we forget to enjoy the work, and instead we nag and stress about it. The truth is, attaining happiness is simple; enjoy the things we do and we’ll be happy. I choose to be passionate in everything I do and I believe that this principle has been rewarding since a positive behavior results a positive outcome. My life is content.

Furthermore, I am aware that without expression I will not be able to enjoy and to live my life. Expression allows me to share my emotions and thoughts. Personally, I feel that this is the greatest contribution a person can give to the world. Out of all the beautiful things in life, fashion remains to be my first choice as the perfect medium of expression. It doesn’t only communicate but also inspires. For this reason, I want to deepen my knowledge and skill in fashion so that I can one day develop a career in fashion, my passion.

I believe that to be successful, we need to be aware of the choices we make in our lives. And I choose to follow my heart.

Love and Light,
Michelle Djajawisastra
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