Love for a Goldfish

I'm not sure what was I thinkin when i wrote the title of this post. Well maybe it was inspired by the gold accent in my cropped knit sweater. And the tangerine shoes I was wearing. Oh and I had a goldfish in my room back then, i named it Jelly. But unfortunately it died because i forgot to feed it for a few days. My bad :(


Please mind the grumpy face. The heat was so hot it really got me on my nerves so then I decided to tied my hair up.

" I had the right intentions. Sometimes my hope envelopes me. And I can't learn the lesson not to send a goldfish to the sea. " - kina grannis



It's funny how we decided to hide our flaws, walk through life living up to what others think of us. People tend to hide their insecurities and wear mask to cover it all. Do we find ourselves playing dress up in a masquerade ball?

It's in our nature to show the better part of us. Disguising our mistakes and past. We rush to cover up any unappealing qualities and end up of being what we're not.

"There's a place that I know, it's not pretty there and few have ever gone. If I show it to you now, will it make you run away? Or will you stay even if it hurts? Even if I try to push you out, will you return? And remind me who I really am." Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson

PS : Special thanks to Cayleecious for the masquerade skirt. I really love the fabrics and it fits me perfectly. What are you waiting for? Go click here and get their alluring stuff. Oh and follow twitter to get their special offers! :)


Northern Lights

Warmest hello for you clowder :)

Well I know it's been a while, I've been sooo busy doing stuff at these past semester and today I finally manage my time to post something on my blog.
Oh how I miss this thing <3

So where do I start? Hmm if you notice, I grew my bangs back. I got tanned a little tiny bit. I gained weight (yes I've been eating dessert like crazy). But yet I'm still a one happy duck.

I said happy because I just got rid of my bad habit. I'm done whining and complaining.
One thing I've learned, and I learned it the hard way : 
Don't take your life too hard, it'll be hard on you. Take it easy, so life will be easy on you.
And if you always feel tired because of the problems in your life, maybe now it's the time to be tired of always being tired.

Oh and I'm planning to apply a student summer class in the UK next year. So excited to the bone! Hope everything goes well. Wish me plenty of good lucks :)

Last but not the least, have a happy weekend love ones! x

PS : I just made my formspring account, feel free to ask me anything.
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