Somewhere along the line

You know, not everything stays forever, even fairytales have endings . But there are some things you would fight for, so you can have them just a little longer. And everything worth having is worth waiting for. But if you never see it coming, then you just get to watch it go. Coz I do believe, if your wish doesn't come true, something better is meant for you :)

About the look, i wore this outfits to attend the LOOKBOOK Night Jakarta a few weeks ago. The one-shoulder satin top is actually a dress, but i love things that are beautifully crafted yet slightly askew. Therefore, I combined it with (one of my favorite) Ted Baker skirt, still with the same hue.

YSL Arty Ring is a such a heart heater. It's slightly edgy, yet look like vintage with a modern twist.

That navy rope is my current favorite injection.  I just love how a simple ensembles enhances the uniqueness of the whole outfits.

And the last but never least important item, (you name it!) - Yes, shoes! Color should be sophisticated, making your eyes sparkle and your skin tone warmer. So I added a splash of bright and contrast shoes for the pop color effect, so here goes the tangerine snake-leather pumps.


  1. Lovely look


  2. i always love one shoulder!

  3. wooow so cute! love it!

  4. I really love the combination of blouse and skirt, looks like a perfect dress. You look beautiful, kisses.

  5. miccy! i love your navy blue rope. <3

  6. Love the look and that shoes is amazing !


  7. aw thank you fairies! much love xx

  8. why are you so pretty?? i love your make up and top :D


  9. OMG merci beaucoup carol! <3 but still no matter what, i'll never be close to how pretty you are :)

  10. super agree with you statement "if your wish doesn't come true, something better is meant for you" wow you look super cute and lovely!



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