Out Of Sequins

Hollaback there! :) I had just gone through a super busy week. A week full of assignments and mooore assignments. I guess procrastination is my biggest monster ;( And yet, I should gladly say that I've been tripping around a little as well. Cheers that to my friends, they turned my saturation into a happy situation <3

I wore this outfits last Saturday. I was sort of thinking that my whole week was a little too "grayish", so i decided to end the week with eclectic outfits, hoping that next week would be much much better and a more lot brighter than this week.

I couldn’t find anything until I went to my “dressy” section and found this light peach sequined top. Then I paired it with my latex legging to provide an unexpected contrast to the bright shades.

Sun-kissed makeup and wavy hair keep the look soft and simple

Double the ring, double the bangles, double kill :) And isn't the blue nail polish is deadly electrifying? They simply stole my heartbeat

At last, have a fierce week everyone, and have no fears little ones !  xx


  1. pretty top..and also love the bracelets <3

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. cute top and i LOVE your shoes :)


  3. love the top :D and i love ur hair.. and u look really pretty :D



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